Beny Dror
Jewelry Designer




B.Silver & Barr



B.Silver & Barr

Handcrafted silver jewelry

B.Silver Barr is a collaboration between jewelry designer Beny Dror and artist Ted Barr.
The collection is inspired ny Barr's deep space artwork and combines his paintings with Dror's one-of-a-kind silver pieces.

"Since childhood I had a passion for deep space. The starry nights were my playground. No wonder I was considered the odd one as a child.
I would fantasize that out there far, far way in deep space there could be another child like me thinking the same thoughts. My main desire was to connect to all those that share the same idea that the universe is bound together by mysterious strings"
Ted Barr

"in Early 2015 I had the pleasure of attending Ted Barr's concept presentation.
Ted shared with us his sources of inspiration, especially the effect of space photos on his work. Learning of his unique technique, laying layers of tar coated with lacquer, fascinated me. I was totally captured by his presentation."
Benny Dror